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Contents of issue 3/2014:

The Sun on Speed: Helios
Roll and Lose: Camel Up
Fat, Heavy, and Filled to the Brim: Caverna
Many Path to Victory: Istanbul
A Solid Construct: Burgenland
Falling Back to Earth: Norderwind
Dumb and Happy: Euphoria
Humanity vs. Alienbs: Invaders
Pronouncement Murder: Blood Bound
Toilets for robots? Steam Park

For Kosmos Around Northern Germany: A day with a sales rep
Wanted: Skillful Photoshop Forger! Bootlegs made in Argentinia

Pure Joy of Thinking: Silver anniversary games gems

Convenient Companions: Trick-taking games
Site Development and Building Rights: City Building Games, Part IV

A Patriotic Palatinate: Klaus Geis, Palatia Spiele

Kebab Shop. Mini-expansion for Istanbul (Pegasus Spiele)
endeEnglish rules
czPravidla hry v češtině (překlad Václav Pražák)
deDeutsche Spielanleitung

Keep Playing!
The Game of Life: Gambling with Staff

Some 60 Handmade Railroad Games: Winsome Games
From 5,000 to 40,000,000 Guilders: Michael Bruinsma

Still Running After All These Years: Oldie: Favoriten

For Kids
Zieh Leine, Flynn
Raben stapeln mit Schabelgrün
Zicke Zacke Ei Ei Ei

At a Glance
Deutschland - Das Kartenspiel
Bang! The Dice Game
Eight-Minute Empire

Appropos: War on Terror

Tweaks and Variations: Burgenland, Norderwind