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Contents of issue 1/2014:

991 Hits in One Stroke

Try Your Plundering Luck: Händler der Karibik turned Port Royal
Lateral Shift: International Toy Fair, Nürnberg 2014

Alexander Pfister on Port Royal

To Be Continued
Kingdom Builder: Crossroads

The Man Who Sent Out the Workers: Richard Breese

Spielbox Edition
Taxes: Mini-Expansion for Power Grid
dedeEnglish rules
deDeutsche Spielanleitung

A Look Back
Play Now, Eat Later: Food-related games

Publisher-bought Reviews

Keep Playing!
Gambling vs. gaming

For Kids
Der kleine König und seine Freunde
Grosser Spielezauber
Gruselrunde zur Geisterstunde
Richard Ritterschlag

At A Glance
SOS Titanic

Rather Short and Luck Dependent: Die Glasstrasse
Towering Sea: Amerigo
Neat Idea, Shame About the Box: Packet Row
Well-oiled machine: Coal Baron
Balanced Expansion: Citrus
Choose Your Pantyhose: Concept
Opulent Pirate Epic: Francis Drake
The Quest for the Perfect Civilizsation Game Goes on: Nations
Strenuous Summoning: Tash-Kalar
Replayability At a Premiom: Mr. Madison's War

Light and Shade Across the Kingdom: Kingdom Builder

Tweaks and Variations
Kingdom Builder: Compensation for disadvantages
Trains and Stations: Incentives for building and long routes